Factors for not being selected for an interview

In this world where there is too much competition, every employer needs the best candidate for their company. Hence interview system is placed so that employers can find a suitable candidate for the position, therefore when you give an interview, you get selected, but sometimes you have to face rejection it's difficult for some people to face rejection, sometimes it takes a while to overcome the rejection. 

In this article, we will reflect on some factors for not being selected in an interview so that the next time you go for an interview, you will be selected.

Manners and Professionalism

Manners and Professionalism are the two main things that you should have before, during, and after an interview. In the interview, your qualification is not enough to get you selected for the job. You should arrive 10-15 minutes early before the appointment time showing up late for an interview makes you look less responsible and not punctual.  Every nuance is taken into account so “showing up” and being conscientious both online and  in-person will set you apart from your competition.

Show up about 10-15 minutes before the appointment time and make observations as you wait.
While waiting in the lobby, be ready for the interviewer to show up at any moment.
Make sure that your phone is off during the interview and focus on listening, having thoughtful answers and questions, and an overall confident presentation of the value you’ll offer to the position.


Your appearance also plays an important role in getting you selected in the interview. Always try to dress formally and make sure you dress according to your personality, don't overdress yourself.

Body Language

It's a known fact that your body language speaks before you do, so make sure you maintain a good posture it represents your confidence and gives a strong vibe to the interviewer and people around you. try to use fewer hand gestures and maintain eye contact. 

Competence and Interest 

Your resume sure plays a vital role in the interview process. But you need to understand that employers accept more than what there on a piece of paper. Your words and acts symbolize the interest you have in the field and the efforts you show. Always remember, if it's not you, there is always someone else. It’s the interest that you showcase that matters the most and gets you where you aim.

Always end up with -Thank you

A recent study says that 57% of interviewees do not end the interview on a good note. A simple "thank you", a firm handshake and a smile combined to go a long way. It establishes your maturity, chivalry, and the respect you give to the interviewer and his time. 

And yes, now, you are in the 43% of the candidates which makes your chances of getting selected much higher.