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What started as a Technical Manning service provider to Ship Owners/Managers in the mid-80s slowly and gradually developed into a multi-group of companies engaged in various business activities across different industries. For over 30+ years, ASMACS has built a solid reputation as a formidable partner who can act like a success catalyst for your organization.

Be it marine, refinery, oil and gas, cement, steel, automobile, facilities management, Infrastructure, or even IT services; we have spread our wings far and wide to make a meaningful difference to the lives and work of our esteemed customers. Our ISO accredited organization is the fuel you need to fire up the growth aspiration of your company.

We have in-depth domain experience across the different industries we operate in. The industry veterans associated with our company will help deliver excellent value to your business and add value to your business top line.

Connect with us at ASMACS for your specific project needs, and we will be happy to serve you.

Chairman's Message

ASMACS…Intelligent Human Resources, Integrated Management, process, and change technologies.

Group Chairman

Palm Atlantis Case Study

ASMACS provided project support management services in the execution of the Multi-million Dollar construction project " The Palm Atlantis " Dubai. ASMACS team offered a timely solution to meet the increased demand for an experienced construction workforce, coupled with quality supervision and expertise in the execution of the project. There were hundreds of professionals we deployed for the expeditious progress and completion of the project.


With a vast experience gained over the last few years in deploying workforces for different large scale projects in the Gulf countries, ASMACS knew the challenges faced by their clients in terms of accommodation, transportation and a host of other local problems. Such experience gave an insight into the intricate issues at the work location of the "The Palm Atlantis" project - Dubai. Thus, ASMACS suggestion to make use of a decommissioned ship into a labour camp accommodation, not only could save time and money, but also helped achieve project completion within the time frame.

ASMACS Marine Team attended to the conversion work onboard the decommissioned vessel MV Crown and helped convert into a labour camp complete with Electromechanical, Airconditioning, and Plumbing work. Thus, the converted ship, MV Crown, became a full-fledged Accommodation for over 1300 personnel. ASMACS Ship Repair Team could achieve the assigned conversion work within the allotted time, thus saving a great deal of time and money for the project owners.

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Aviation Industry
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Automobile Industry
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Cement Industry
Elevator & Escalator Industry
Garments Industry
Health care Industry
Government Industry
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